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Psychedelia also had a massive impact on the visual presentation of pop recordings, especially LP album covers. Prior to 1967, most LP covers were simple single-sleeve affairs. The front cover usually featured just the title, the artist/group name and a straightforward photo portrait while the back cover was usually text only, with a list of song titles and occasionally a few short paragraphs of publicity material about the artist. However the album cover design was revolutionized in June 1967, with the release of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The Beatles and their collaborators, art director Robert Fraser, pop artist Peter Blake, and photographer Michael Cooper, created a lavish package that far surpassed anything previously attempted in pop music. The glossy, vividly colored "gatefold" sleeve was fronted by the iconic group portrait of the band, resplendent in custom-made Dayglo satin psychedelic uniforms, standing in front of a group of life-size cutouts of famous people from history, including the waxwork figures of the Beatles themselves (borrowed from Madame Tussauds). The inner sleeve featured only a huge, close-up portrait of the four Beatles against a gold background, and the back cover, for the first time in pop music, featured the complete lyrics of all the songs. The original issue of the LP also included a cardboard insert with cut-out "Sgt Pepper" badges and other designs, and the paper dust-jacket that held the LP featured a mulitcolored abstract pattern created by design collective, The Fool. The final bill for the cover was £2,868 5s/3d—one hundred times the average cost for an album cover at that time.

Good news! The Taos record IS available on digital. Kismet has put it out (see CD Universe online) as a British import, with great sound and graphics. It meets the approval of Taos founder Kit Bedford. I grew up and went to high school with Kit in Pacifica, CA, and have played in bands with him over the last decade. We just spoke about the CD and he has the inspiration to remove some audio gimmicks and re-sequence the track order to what they wanted to produce to begin with! More later. (Hi, Jeannine!)

"I wonder what would happen if you tried..."
An encouraging adult can make a world of difference. Support your children's innate desire to learn and to express ideas. Be a mentor and a role model. Help children develop to their full potential.

“As other practitioners are leaving the room in favor of novel forms of recording and distro and consumption, we are left with a virtual PALACE, fantastical and real structures and practices. Like we are allowed into the museum at night. We can make a great essentially live record with great songs and great players because nobody else is?  Wolf of the Cosmos about, as much as anything, direct engagement with recorded music. So step right up to the replicant.” — Bonnie Prince Billy

The last time Crayola kicked a color to the curb was in 2003, when blizzard blue, magic mint, teal blue and mulberry were removed from the collection. The company began retiring colors in 1990 and have since placed each shade in the “Crayola Hall of Fame.”  

The pagans hung on to the rabbit and eventually it became a part of Christian celebration. We don't know exactly when, but it's first mentioned in German writings from the 1600s. The Germans converted the pagan rabbit image into Oschter Haws, a rabbit that was believed to lay a nest of colored eggs as gifts for good children. (A poll of my Twitter followers reveals that 81% of the people who replied believe the Easter Bunny to be male, based mostly on depictions where it's wearing a bowtie. The male pregnancy and egg-laying mammal aspects are either side effects of trying to lump the rabbit and egg symbols together, or rabbits were just more awesome back then.)

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Red Krayola - Live In Paris 13/12/1978Red Krayola - Live In Paris 13/12/1978Red Krayola - Live In Paris 13/12/1978Red Krayola - Live In Paris 13/12/1978